Guide to Choosing Spray-On Liners and Polyurea Solutions

When looking for trucks, you need to ensure that you select the one with a bed liner since it protects your truck from getting scratch marks. It is advisable to buy trucks with liners since the lowers prevents dents from forming as a result of moving objects at the back of the truck.

The following are the tips for installing and spraying a drop-in bed liner into your pickup truck’s bed. The first step to follow when installing a drop in bed liner is to drill a few holes over the bed to as they will assist truck owners in fixing the bed liner to fit and stay firmly in the truck bed. Once you have drill the hole, you need to fill the metallic bed with water so that it can corrode the metallic bed.

Truck owners need to use customized spray guns as they can be reused in spraying the bed liner. The reason as to why spray-in bed liners are preferred the most is that they last for many more days.

It is advisable to follow these steps when preparing a spray. When making a spray, you need to add in the spray-gun, adjust the pressure levels of the air close to the recommendations set by the manufacturer of the spray, combine small amounts of spray, this is followed by testing the spray on a pieces of cardboard, then controlling the spray pattern accordingly.

The next step that truck owners need to follow is to apply the spray on every point on the truck bed evenly. After twenty minutes have elapsed, you can continue adding another layer of spray. Repeat the step to when adding the third coat.

Once you have applied the third coat, you need to coat the bed by filling up the hopper before holding the spray gun about eighteen inches away and then spray the bed. Truck owners need to ensure that they are using different paths of spray in order to prevent the creation of shadow patterns of spray.

When looking for a spray on liners, you can either choose aliphatic or aromatic. Truck owners can choose aliphatic spray-on liners when they want to coat their truck beds since they aliphatic spray are made from compounds that have better pigments. It is good to use the aliphatic spray since when used the fading will be quite longer than its counterpart.

The aromatic spray is known to be cost effective hence suitable for truck owners on a fixed budget. Though the aromatic spray is cost-effective, its only problem is that it fades easily, hence one will have to reapply. The availability of various companies that manufacture spray-on liners brings the need for truck owners to be cautious when choosing the best spray.

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